Fiesta, celebration and revelry even. Add an eclectic mix of percussion, native wind and string instruments and a kick ass drumbeat. Throw in some very talented multi-genre musicians and ardent travellers in a constant search to entertain and connect with audience…. This is Tribali!

Since the band’s inception in 2004, Tribali have captivated audiences with their mystical concoction of ethnic, contemporary and traditional music. A trio of studio albums, a critically acclaimed compilation, live performances at international and local festivals such as the Byron Bay Blues Fest, Glastonbury, Ancient Trance and Earth Garden, various awards and  global press reviews have been instrumental for the band to continue to fuel their passion for music.

The collection of ethnic instruments and numinous sounds will always be at the epicentre. The sitar, didgeridoo and percussion blend effortlessly with distorted electric guitars, chunky bass lines, violins, trumpets, dance oriented drums and hypnotic vocals.

Since 2004, Tribali have performed alongside diverse world class acts such as Moby, The Prodigy, Faithless, Ziggy Marley, the Wailers, John Butler and the Specials to name a few.

“One of the best bands to EVER play at Blues Fest…” Peter Noble (Blues Fest Director).

ManaTapu are newcomers to the world music scene. Their mission: Transfer their unique energy to the audience creating a beautiful musical vibe. The cultural influence seen in their music is shared locally and overseas.

The journey for the musicians of the band started with casual jam sessions; where local bars or beaches served as their stage. They started off from nothing but moved towards the band image we now know as ManaTapu.

Deeply rooted in Reggae and Ska, the band’s voice is a fusion with other sounds such as Funk, Blues, Rock, Punk, Hip-Hop, Latino style and even polka. This mesh of sounds comes together with the dynamic of their band’s, you can hear the International variance in the music of ManaTapu which combine 4 languages, lyrics goes from English to Maltese to Spanish to French.

As ambassadors for the local music scene, ManaTapu are one of the most sought-after live acts in Malta and are best known for their crowd pumping sound and contagiously energetic shows generating MushPit. They delivered first their massive energy to the crowd at the 2013 Earth Garden Festival where the Roots Stage brought to life the eclectic sounds of ManaTapu.

Their latest album; Tuatara, was launched in May 2018 and have recently finished their First Tour.

The eight-piece outfit is made up of James Saliba (Bass Guitar), Ryan Abela (Drums), Dario Vella C (Vocals & Guitar),  Luca Gurrieri (Saxophone), Pupachile (Vocals), Liksu (Keys & Trumpet) and finaly Tete (Vocals) adding the super international flavour to the band.

Following their self-imposed Covid hibernation, Fakawi are back!

Formed in the late 90s by a bunch of friends, at a time when Google and the iphone were still exotic dreams, Fakawi has become synonymous with extravagant live sets incorporating various musical styles, genres and influences, easily surmised as a prototypical: ‘The best songs you should hear before you die, performed by middle-aged individuals who don’t want to give up, just yet’.

Renowned for their iconic adaptations and re-interpretations of well-known classics (having sometimes combined over 20 different tunes into one opus never-ending song) Fakawi take the definition of an ‘electrifying performance’ to the next level, without requiring any empirical and/or scientific evidence to substantiate such claims, irrespective of the outlandish stage costumes or the nostalgic yet cheesy Italian cartoon soundtracks that Fakawi have been associated with throughout the years, if not decades, since they first started rehearsing in a filthy substandard underground garage in Marsa, home to yet undiscovered species of cockroaches not even known to David Attenborough.

For the past 20 years, Fakawi have been the closing act of the Farsons Beer Festival, and this year they are incredibly excited to extend their good vibes to Earth Garden. Will this be the opening chapter of their international tour and world domination? Quite improbable, but who cares!

Fakawi is not licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority and is not authorised to provide life insurance products. No refunds will be considered under any circumstance.